Welcome to Blossom Dearie

I use to listen Blossom regularly for about 20 year. After she passed away I could not find any updated web page consolidating Biography, Discography including new Albums that are now being issued and Videos.

There are very few Interviews with her at YouTube. Most of the files I found are just Album's covers with music in the background. Even at Dearie's official website I found only a few words and seems to me that it is not being updated.

So please, Dearie's fans, lets build together the best website on Blossom Dearie's Music memory. If you have any kind of data to share, this is the place.

So, take a seat, turn on the Radio Dearie here at the end of this page, relax and Welcome to Blogsoom Dearie.

In a near future I will issue the Portuguese Language version of our Blog for the Brazilian fans.

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